Sunday, August 29, 2010




and here we have it.

thank you all for all the thoughts and responses to this cloth. maybe what was most useful to me was the
variety in what everyone saw...i think this is good. it means to me that the cloth can tell more than
one story.

it began with no story at all. just a piece of cotton that i had dyed with the Mexican Elderberry leaves.
the urge to weave the top and bottom, leaving the center one solid piece. at first there were more woven
strips on the bottom, but then it was turned over with more at the top, more of the sky where the first
image was placed, the Wind that i had gotten from Jude. and then the Sun and Moon both with wisps of
Glennis' silk gauze, that with the Moon respresented the storms that i love here, great turbulent energies
that Wind brings. often crows and sometimes the single Raven will ride those currents swooping low and
abruptly rising, sometimes effortlessly being carried sideways, wings outspread. a single star. beneath
all this that belongs to Forever with the mountain in the distance is the figure who has learned that
she needs very little aside from these. plant people who are for me respresented here by the native
grasses and trees and a circle of stones that she has placed to mark the covenant she has made with this
place. just this is enough.
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Elizabeth said...

There are many stories in this cloth and it has told some to me already. Thank you grace,for sharing both the journey and the cloth.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

elizabeth, thank you very much for
saying this. i think it is becoming very important for me to understand that the cloth can
speak for itself. i just need
to listen and then do just so

kaite said...

it's been a lovely evolution grace, and the woman on top of the mountain with a black top knot on her head is smiling...k.

jude said...

it is nice to see you satisfied so quickly. to be comfortable and let the cloth keep speaking. i still love the play on scale, but wonder about the actual size of the piece.

Deb G said...

The stitching on either side of the "mountain" really makes this come together for me. There are many stories here, the way it should be I think.

Marti said...

This cloth speaks in so many ways but the strongest for me is the sense of belonging. Your belonging to your land grace, your sanctuary; my belonging to these transitory fields that I walk each day. Whether we own our land or not, this cloth speaks to the strength and connection that is felt from a sense of place. We nourish the land, it nourishes us and it is more than enough.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

mARTI. yes.
but, as it turns out, what if
this cloth simply places me in this
particular moment where i am
required to look at so many things
and where it may be, MAY be, a
moment of
What If, i will need to leave this
place, for the continuing of a
larger thing? What if, it's just
about something MORE than what i
had thought it was?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Jude...the actual size is
19"X9 1/2".
it's pretty much divided in thirds.
with the upper 1/3d being more, but
not a lot.

am very interested in why you ask

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

I could say here, now, that Marti and nddas, nance, have known me
for some years because of our meeting through an online writing
circle maybe 6,7 years ago????
so, they know me and this place.
this place has been this PLACE
during their awareness.
now, circumstance may be asking
a very big question of me. might
be asking me to
might be saying that i can be of

so...the cloth is talking.

nandas said...

and grace another thing to reflect on here that is also represented in your cloth ... is the waiting. the waiting is sometimes the hardest... the in between place... but it is so important because of the time needed to transition to the next phase ... emotionally.

grace Forrest~Maestas said... you are, at your amazing week long workshop and
writing are

nandas said...

beloved women beget beloved women!
i am here and it will all begin tomorrow morning at 8 am. i am so excited! a whole week learning with rosalie dace!