Saturday, August 21, 2010

a most Wonder full gift!


yesterday, there was a package...said Royal Mail and indeed it is!
this is a complete surprise gift from Karen
Karen Turner ~ stitching life
and i think probably we all looked longingly upon them
when she wrote about making two a while back on her blog...'s BEAUTIFUL, a wonderful indigo blue with stars and
galaxies and a moon bead on top and perfect stitching as
she always does and then, i put it on and
it is the totally perfect place for the little #ll beading needles
that i like to sew the cloths with and i can leave them
threaded with different colors and NOT LOSE THEM by lying them
down inbetween scraps!!!!
Karen!!! it's really so so great and thank you so much for
thinking to send it ~*~ and i hope there are MORE in your shop.
I can already think of 3 people i need one for??????
Thank you!, i am so touched.........
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deanna7trees said...

I admired the pin cushion when Karen posted it to her blog. A wonderful gift and I know you'll enjoy it.

nandas said...

it suits you well grace! now you have the stars and moon at your fingertips... lovely!

Marti said...

Royal indeed. Sits on your finger grace like a little crown. Quite an adorable little pin cushion.

Anonymous said...

Aha! I made it, looked at it, and thought 'Grace'.
So glad it found its new home safely and that it arrived well. Just a little something; glad you like it :-)

kaite said...

little surprises like that are so full of joy...k.

fabriquefantastique said...

Amazing how personal a pincushion can be, wear it and use it well.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Jan, is true and it is
very already is in
good use.
deanna,nandas,marti and kaite,
i think there might be more?
really really like these.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

and Karen
i know you are engrossed in the
lace books and your project but
someday...maybe some kind of little
portable folder like thing????
for stitching on the run?
sometimes i don't take sewing with
me because i'm running behind and
don't want to take the time to
gather up the little scissors, needle, pins etc...but if there
was a little something that was always ready? and all i had to do
was add the cloth of the moment?
I know that i could figure out how
to do something for this, but i
really find it a great pleasure
to have something made by women
i know...your stitching is so much

Anonymous said...

Grace... once again you read my mind! I am planning such a thing - a kind of natural development to the pincushions and needle books I also haven't made yet... the idea is just trundling around at present. Time, time! (The older I get, the longer everything seems to take. Why is that?) There will be such a thing, some time.