Saturday, April 24, 2010

the picture has nothing to do with anything, i just liked her a lot.
thanks for encouragement and great still mulling them all and yes,
nance ~ I remembered the NYT article and if I were better at this, i'd link it here

deb ~ i think it's just as you said it, pulled thread. this particular cloth is cotton so....but i do have some linen.
and i didn't think about it, but going back, it was a little haiku-ie makes me smile

dee ~ thank you for appearing and the suggested link

as I am digging post holes and replacing 24ft of wood fencing, I think of all this
and I like trying to replicate the orb spider web with couched embroidery floss i think, but on another cloth entirely?
(that doesn't exist yet) and then begin the pulled thread linen

again, these are just experiments, "studies" as jude said, for the second workshop...story cloth

and jennlui ~ we are getting closer, soon.
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nandas said...

i love the armadillo. this is a particularly fetching illustration of her.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

don't you love her skirt? and her oh so
feminine placement of toes? I just get all
happy looking at her. I love the "hands" of
everything...her, the spider when she is
but it's her skirt that really pulls me in.

nandas said...

yes... it has a bustle! can't you just see her doing the minuet?

jude said...

what a great creature.....