Wednesday, April 21, 2010

jude moves in the world of
What If?

i am in the world of

can I make a web under that moon?

can I do it with silk gauze?


Anonymous said...

oooohhh a web of silk gauze under a blue moon! fabulous!!!

funny how my sentiments are mirrored by your words here grace. i also move through the world of how instead of what if... experimenting and sometimes uncomfortably moving through different how to's. with time it's coming along... slowly ;)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. thinking back to the exchanges on Spirit
Cloth a while back...about
to one's work
over time, a loooong time. as in jude, as in
that's why it feels so good to me to let go
of being fragmented

jude said...

i think you already might know how....i have some ideas too.
you could weave a separate piece and apply it. i love how you can still see through layers of gauze...
or you could cut into the piece and weave gauze into it. oh, i am thinking it might be possible to inlay a sheer section. now if it was class, i would would just do it and make some videos so you could see my ideas. even if they didn't work. ha!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

"if it was class........" oh sigh. soon.
but all these ideas, yes....
the whole thing is only tacked together* so
I can try everything.
which reiterates the point above. we just
need to try things...I guess blurr the line.
what iffing turns into how....
*was totally amazing to me how just the weaving
is very strong...not even being really stitched in any way.
thanks, jude

Anonymous said...

I don't remember what it's called...think it's usually done with linen, but when the threads are picked you know what I mean?

Your post was a kind of poem.

Anonymous said...

just found an image of the pulled threads that Deb was talking about above -- what's striking is how many treatments in this sampler become exercises in weaving...

a completely DIFFERENT route would be to build a circular log cabin pattern