Wednesday, April 14, 2010

glennis~ thank you for finding me, your beautiful gauze carries the spirit

and Manya~ you left me a lizard! on this piece of earth are many blue tailed lizards. I'll
try to get a photograph. I left you a note on MythColour, but here too...I love your
remnants. thank you!


Mnemosyne said...

oh i kept checking and checking to see when you would start blogging and i'm so happy you are! your comments are always so thoughtful and meaningful to me to the point where i can't really write anything after them!
i was here!
i will be back!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

mnem~i consider this an honor

jude said...

ok, so is this official? can i put you in my sidebar?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

oh jeez.
I have always wanted to believe in a god that
was somehow concerned with my small doings and kept track of me.
but as time has gone along, Synchronicity has seemed to be what keeps track of me and other small things appear as god. Like this label.
which is all that is left of a most loved sun dress from the 70's.
my lifetime Koan.
It surfaces
now and then
as it did two days ago and got put on this "black" piece of fabric with this most
amazingly intense scrap you sent me, jude. and
clicking on, seeing your question, i turned off the computer, got the camera and took the pic.
Lo and Behold
the fabric is NOT black
it is a very very dark indigo

so, taking a deep breath, yes

time to weave my selves together.