Thursday, April 29, 2010


thank you, everyone, for all your thoughts and encouragement.....
i am finding this blogging very awkward. I want to respond individually
but can't seem to find a way to do that so it is easy for people to find
the response
and the WIND is not's been constant, reminding me of
contractions when we are in transition, in labor, giving birth.
although it is how it often is in new Mexico, nonetheless, it has it's effect

so, slowly I will tell you individual things....i am reading everyone's
blogs and there is just so much in each that i relate to and want to
respond to. many of you are familiar from jude's comments and i already
"know" you
the amazing thing to me is the common ground we all stand on.
again, thank you from my heart


Suzanna said...

Hello Grace...the blogging does feel awkward are not alone in that! Sometimes it feels that my soul is on display and I want to run and hide. The feeling passes eventually and it is so nice for us to see your work; I am amazed by the beautiful moon altar in your last post.

Anonymous said...

what can i say? just thank you for adding yourself to the ring. the wind has been blowing hard here too and has kept me from my usual work- being that i work outdoors most of the time. but it will pass and we can soon get back to things.

take your time, there's no rush.

Manya Maratou said...

it is windy over here too, howling windy
I am also trying to find a "sustainable"way of doing the blogging thing
If I don't answer a comment at once the moment seems to blow away
and then its not relevant any more
and then I feel I'm being bad mannered, which makes me hesitate some more
but my little dreamer lisard is there, watching for me
thanks for posting, and being there, and visiting

Kaite said...

hi Grace, just breathe and just enjoy.
i see you've only been blogging here since Feb and it is a little awkward at first. Blogger doesn't allow us to respond individually like Typepad (Jude's)which is a pity but never mind, just do what you feel comfortable with but don't get blown away by the blogg wind. We're all in the same sail boat so we know how it goes. i love your blog name - windthread. k.

jude said...

see? the wind blows from one blog to another. it seems like we are all the same whirlygig...

yes the typepad comment thread thing is easier for dialog, but you are doing just fine....

Deb G said...

All new friendships can be a bit awkward I think? I like blogging because it makes the world seem a bit smaller, more connected. I'm glad you are a part of it.

ger said...

After nearly 2 years of blogging, I still find it either gratifying or arkward - if I´m not in one of these paralysing blogging ennuis which make me want to shut the thing completely (which I won´t do, I like it too much...) - so just carry on...!

Kaite said...

haven't we all got wonderful profile faces on this windy whirligig....k.

Anonymous said...

you're doing fabulous grace!

yes, so windy lately. blowing my comfortable winter shell away from me! ah spring is quite the trickster, especially when in kahoots with a mysterious april full moon...

i think the essence of blogging is in the sharing... which can be very awkward and uncomfortable. even after a few years of blogging i still struggle with what to share, what not... what i feel comfortable with. how much time to invest into blogging. what it returns...

having myself a typepad blog, i very much enjoy the "reply" feature, as well as the commenters emails so i can reply directly. which is what i did in the past... i'm testing out the waters with the reply feature like jude does. see my comfort with such dialogue out in the open... ;)

Mnemosyne said...

it's hard work. for me both emotionally and physically in some ways. but it's a good with the bad thing. when it starts to feel like it's sucking from you instead of giving to you. rest. but when you feel you're humming with it. go for it. do it however feels best to you! it's for you, by you, and answers to you. not a thing you answer to, made by others. recreate it until it feels right and always keep open the option of reinvention.

twhIch aye said...

looks like the wind's been traveling... i just had a conversation the other night with my oldest son, about the wind and the moon bringing those raw nerve-end feelings of birthing pains.
i think maybe blogging's hard for visual people? i'm used to relying on the picking up of visual cues and giving them. i can't do that in :computer land: and i sometimes don't know how to fill in the gaps. i'm always worried someone will take what i write the wrong way (because of my funky humor) or not understand because i'm going too far out in my lala land. i just keep thinking to myself that i can only do my best, be me and hope that the point gets across.
and thank you for coming over my way and finding me grace... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I worry about saying the wrong thing too. Online friendships seem somehow much more fragile than 'real-life' ones, and I feel myself tip-toeing round them sometimes. You have a way of saying something richly meaningful in very few words, which I admire.