Tuesday, January 4, 2011

change and to Martine

for now, will be over at the new space
windthread.typepad.com (hope that's right?)
i think it's going to be ok there.
have 2 weeks to try it out.

and Martine, it always made me so happy to see your pic
appear with you looking down on me with your camera...
i hope you can see that far? xo

Sunday, January 2, 2011

real quick....

in a Post, not comment
i have managed to make it through two hurdles with TYPEPAD.
DO now have windthread over there and also managed to
figure out how to add the REPLY function!!!!!!!!
so...working on it and if i actually get somewhere good
with it all, i can be a resource for anyone else who wants
to switch. For SURE i know that if i can fumble my way
through, anybody can.....
will keep us all posted.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

a New Year



these two things went exactly as planned. although
the pics taken late last night are odd in color, the
mission was accomplished.

around and inbetween, other things went very much
awry. it became suddenly unexpectedly Very Cold,
as in 8 degrees at night and i needed to mobilize
around frozen water pipes, a reluctant wood splitter
(needed to make self be a mechanic)etc.
and through it all, i once again became frustrated
with the fact that Blog Spot does not have the
reply function under each comment, as TypePad does and
soooooo, got lost in TypePad land. have for the moment
given up.

about the Faux comment. to clarify, (and this is why i
would so much like the Reply To that typepad has....makes
actual communication a possibility)
what i was thinking is Drawing traditional designs that
i love and don't have...like the beautiful wind patterns
and ikat designs. i used the word faux because these are
very traditional textiles, mine would be drawn surface
markings...and i don't know how i feel about that.
What i have decided is to put this What If on hold till
the Boro class where i think it might be an appropriate

so...to all of You who keep me company here, i wish you
a New Year of great energy to meet what ever arrives at
your doorstep,
and i Thank You so deeply for traveling with me.
Much Love to All...grace
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

something on my shower curtain


i will revise this post tomorrow.
am thinking that i might need to create
my own textiles for cloths...that i don't
have and can't have certain things that
i find self loving in jude's cloths....
and i also don't want to "get" them.
so...what to do?
will need to make some things. they
will be
but...my own
and so....?
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Friday, December 24, 2010

weaving one of the selves in


this is Plain Gramma, otherwise known as
weaving a pie.
for the 20 yr old grandson.
he says it is the BEST cherry pie, special.

you make a crust.
dump 2 cans of cherry filling in
a lattice top
and bake.

i think it might be the lattice top?????
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Sunday, December 19, 2010



Manya, i became a mother when i was 26.
i became a grandmother when i was 43.
became a great grandmother last year, give or take
when i was almost 64.
my daughter keeps birth/kidding records for her
dairy goats.
when i try to think of these things, i feel
like i should do something similar.
anyway...the GreatGrandSon's little giraffe
has horns.
Mama's still to go and then off in the mail
some things don't change. Won't change, no
matter. babies are conceived and born, the
holiday of Christmas in this culture rolls
around every 12 months and grandmas are
filled with the urge to be grandmas. Great
or plain.
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