Saturday, January 1, 2011

a New Year



these two things went exactly as planned. although
the pics taken late last night are odd in color, the
mission was accomplished.

around and inbetween, other things went very much
awry. it became suddenly unexpectedly Very Cold,
as in 8 degrees at night and i needed to mobilize
around frozen water pipes, a reluctant wood splitter
(needed to make self be a mechanic)etc.
and through it all, i once again became frustrated
with the fact that Blog Spot does not have the
reply function under each comment, as TypePad does and
soooooo, got lost in TypePad land. have for the moment
given up.

about the Faux comment. to clarify, (and this is why i
would so much like the Reply To that typepad has....makes
actual communication a possibility)
what i was thinking is Drawing traditional designs that
i love and don't the beautiful wind patterns
and ikat designs. i used the word faux because these are
very traditional textiles, mine would be drawn surface
markings...and i don't know how i feel about that.
What i have decided is to put this What If on hold till
the Boro class where i think it might be an appropriate
question. all of You who keep me company here, i wish you
a New Year of great energy to meet what ever arrives at
your doorstep,
and i Thank You so deeply for traveling with me.
Much Love to All...grace
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Valerianna said...

HI Grace.... I hope you got everything unfrozen and working! Sounds very cold. We suddenly got very WARM, it was around 50 degrees today and all the snow is quickly disappearing. It sounded like it was raining all day as melting snow hit the metal roof.

Much abundance and inspiration to you this year!

woman with wings said...

Grace, thanks for talking about that response thing -- being new at it, I've searching for a way to respond to individual comments to no avail. Now I know why. So thank you. It was cold here in Denver, too, as you probably know! But 8 in NM is pretty nippy. I mentioned your New Year ritual today because I loved the way you described it! See you!

Deb G said...

Hasn't been above freezing here for the last couple days (even day time), won't be for a few more. Cold!

About being respectful towards traditional designs, big topic. Sounds like you don't want to get into that topic too much yet, but my quick response (and for anyone not in the class) is that if it's done with a respectful intent, then I think we should make and do.

Happy New Year Grace!

jude said...

i am thinking.
and it is very warm here suddenly.
and i do believe you can move your blog, intact, to typepad.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Valerianna...yes...warm in odd
places, cold in other odd places.
that plopping sound...i remember
i also will be organizing to send
you those gourds in the next week
or happy they are wanted!
Thank you for your wish...what
i need is an abundance of self
discipline...inspiration is
always dancing

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Peggy/WwWings...YES and oh, WHAAA,
Hard to have any continuous
conversation on Blogspot....really
requires time and commitment on
the part of the
go back go back and look for a
i am not good at tech's
really hard for me to figure stuff
out...switching to typepad that
seems to have that function of
Reply (can't figure out how)is very
tempting but there are other issues
there too. i really like using
Picasa for my pics. i take them
off the camera with Windows something but then switch them over
to Picasa to adjust them. and
just clicking the BLOG this from
picasa is great. Also, i like the
more "quiet" feeling of this
Blog Home here. that feels good.
so, oh Sigh...don't know.
and yes, 8 here is not "normal".
old trailers are not prepared for
holding any heat. and there are a
LOT of them in this state.
and finally, yes...See you....
good feeling to that.

nandas said...

if one could move to typepad intact from blog that would be the best. i too am fed up with blog for the same and more reason(s)...
as i am in my new room, i am noticing it is cold too... its above the garage and maybe not as insulated ? grace is there insulation under your trailer?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Deb G...i value your thoughts on
the design question..thanks for
offering. it's not that i wouldn't
like to talk about it here, it's
to doing it. is so much easier
for instance on the class blog
with the Reply to thingy. i guess
i just don't know enough about
textiles...the world of textiles.
and i come from a place here* where
there is sensitivity to First
Peoples symbols and designs that
is really horribly ignored. I love
the Zia is in my Heart
but i don't feel i can use it, ever. and i don't know about the
sensitivity of other cultures.
if you have any other thoughts, i'd
be really happy to receive them
here...just so hard for an
*New Mex
i wish the term Global Warming had
never reared its head...i think
this IS global warming in the form
of pervasive Climate Change, that
term making more sense to more
it was like this last year too...
but before that, there might be
only a day or two with lows this
extreme. oh well.
is what it is and the one good
thing is that i had to learn how
to take the wood splitter apart
and learn about hydraulics. i
spent some time with the axe and
if i can avoid going back to that,
i'd like to.
thanks for your comments...
important to me....xo

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

nance...i laughed at your question.
no, no insulation under there OR
in the walls. when jenny and i
took out that one wall to
incorporate the ROOM, in tiny
areas there was about maybe a 1/2"
shreds of fiberglass Ins but for
the most part, it had slumped down
somewhere out of sight. remember,
this is a 1967 model. old. and
who knows where it was dragged all
over (the term MOBILE home) before
i found it and dragged it here.
lots of cracks where it's put
together and then the thing about
the leaky windows. and of course
the dog door that i tend to leave
open so they don't pee on the
Dragon Rug in the middle of the
Maybe you could put down some
rugs from other parts of your house?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Jude...oh YIKES...your word...
"intact" !!!
i hadn't thought of that....
i hadn't thought of leaving
what's "been" behind...
talk about Catch 22s there
are Catch Bazillion22s....
oh Wha.

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Happy New Year's Grace! Thinking about all my new friends today and feeling very thankful!

:~) Debi

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Debi from PNW...yes. and as the
circle turns, you are one yourself!
i deeply appreciate your presence

kaite said...

i agree about the comments, i too have thought about it, i'm just a bit hung up on having to pay and what would happen if i couldn't pay for some reason one time - would it disappear? i need to know more.
i also don't like to use First People's designs, no matter the reason or the intent, there is so much soul embedded in them, it's not mine to use.
anyway, spinning slow love your way for an optimistic 2011. k.

Marti said...

Lasagna and butterflies: food for the body, food for the soul...

I have to say that you have done a wonderful job with responding to the comments on your blog grace. You take the time to acknowledge each comment with thoughtful responses. So while it is a difficult format, you keep the conversation going, and that enfolds us in your welcoming circle.

Penny Berens said...

Happy New Year Grace. I started my blog after the class with Jude and couldn't believe there was no way of responding to comments in a way that keeps a conversation going! Very frustrating. I too have looked at Typepad; but having just started am reluctant to take that learning curve again! We got warm here too with beautiful azure blue skies... everything is topsy turvy.

twhIch aye said...

hey miss grace hope it has warmed up a bit up there. you can take some of our heat 76 deg and humid as heck! i remember being in the trailer and it would feel like an icebox on cold nights. lots and lots of blankets.

hope you have a GREAT new year grace! mucho love!

Deb G said...

Oh yes, the comment thing. :) It is easier on Typepad, but as Marti said, you do a great job within the limitations of this format. In response to Kaite's question about it disappearing, no, it won't (I checked).

My thoughts on the cultural issues are long and involved, it is a big topic was no easy answers. I'll probably wade into the topic on my blog, I've already started in a way since I've borrowed the idea of a "totem" for my latest tree....

Laughing about your comment about your rug. I have no rugs left where the dogs are allowed in the house. I wish someone had warned me about the consequences of pad trained puppies!

Linda said...

I actually started on typepad and have a blog there, but started the other on blogspot because I thought it was easier. But I hate having to go and look to see if anyone responded to this or that.

I have a friend who is an atmospheric scientist and he uses climate change not warming. The change is being seen everywhere. I think Washington could be the next California.

I hope you have a lovely new year. I am excited to begin the next class. I miss the conversation of so many, so I enjoy this one here.

Martine said...

i wish you the most wonderful year.........enjoy it.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Marti..thanks for saying that.
SOMETIMES i do a good job, sometimes i don't.
but it's really the
EXCHANGE that can follow a thread
that i'd like if i am going to
continue blogging...
and yes...butterflies and
lasagna. perfect combination.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Penny B, yes, we are the same,
in beginning to blog from Jude's
class. Your blog is really
beautiful, so polished.
but's that nagging thing
about responding and if i were to
do it with emails, it precludes
any conversation with multiple
people..???? eee.
a very WonderFull New Year to you
too......i know it will be.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Twhich~yes. there is NO heat here
at night. i pulled out the
propane heater during my Sharon
Astyk austerity year and made the
space into a pantry. hadn't used
anything but the wood stove
anyway for many years. BUT both
last year and this have been very
different temp wise for longer
periods of time, and overcast
more, which is new too, so things
don't heat up in the day even.
well... ADAPT, i'm thinking.
Much love to you

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

DebG...i think the "idea of the
totem" is different than
recreating exact designs (if that
can even be done by hand???).
it didn't occur to me about your
beautiful Spirit Tree actually,
but i will look forward to that
on your blog if you do...
yes, little dogs. Chinche, the
regular dog would rather die than
pee in the house. the other 3
don't blink an eye. if they can
go out the dog door, ok then. if
it's closed, well....they do what
they need to do. yuck.

Are you curious about me? said...

Thank you Grace. Wishing a Happy New year to you.